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High water and electricity bills are one of the major frustrations in USA businesses and homes, especially during summer when air conditioners are running almost 24|7 and water recreational use, the monthly bill Increases dramatically. When users see a sudden increase in the bill, it cannot always be ascribed to more consumption. Seldom does anyone consider using technology solutions to reduce their utility bills. A leak in a pipe, a crack in the wall, or poor insulation and over utility supply are some examples of common defects that could lead to an increased water and electricity bill. A good indicator of such defect is when the bill of one month is significantly higher than in the same month last year. In such case, Green Beans Solutions a Utility reduction company and maintenance service should be contacted so the defect can be identified, and optimize.

How to Save on Electricity Bills with the Electric Mad Saver 1100? The Electric Mad Saver 1100 is designed to help you start saving electricity in your home or business up to 30%. It also will increase the life of your appliances, air conditioning/heat pump, and other motor driven equipment, and protect your home or business from power surges. The power surge protection alone is worth the investment to protect your property. With our whole business surge protector and energy saving devices you can't go wrong. By recycling watt's energy and feeding it back into your business or home, you require less from the power company. 

This has been verified by GE, US Dept. of Energy, NASA, NYERSA, and others. 


How The AIR STOPPER water valve works. The AIR STOPPER air compression benefit works on all single jet, multi jet, and turbine category positive displacement meters. These make up over 99% of all water meters in use. The science is based upon Boyle Law regarding gas pressure and volume and Le Chatelier’s Principal of volumetric dynamics. The AIR STOPPER is installed in your water line on your side of the meter as close to the meter as possible. The variable spring loaded plunger maintains a constant pressure on the oncoming water supply. This backpressure manifests itself into a high pressure point on the other side of the water meter. When air reaches this pressure point, the air becomes compressed and no longer maintains its volume. It passes by the water meter in this compressed state until after it passes through the AIR STOPPER and soon returns to its original uncompressed state. The AIR STOPPER does NOT remove the air, it just compresses it so the water meter can’t measure it.

A common example of entrained gasses is shaking up a soda bottle. The AIR STOPPER VALVE is like the bottle cap keeping the system pressurized. The gasses are in there but you can’t see them until you remove the cap, and neither can your water meter. You won’t notice any difference in the water coming into your facility, but you will notice that your water meter is now spinning less. Call Harry and learn more at; (845) 522-8766