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Power conservation shouldn’t be an ordeal. No more chasing family members around your home to shut off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. With the Electric Mad Saver 1100 attached to your electric panel or any large motor you own, you can reduce your overall energy costs and extend the life of your expensive central cooling system, Jacuzzi, pool pump, motors and more!

You CAN learn to conserve energy the easy way with our simple 20 minute installation! You’ll be saving money in NO TIME!

We can show you even more ways to save power and money at home!

So what are some more cost effective ways to save on your energy bills? There are many small purchases out there that can help reduce your cost of electricity. Energy efficient bulbs can save you anywhere between $40 and $135 in its lifetime. Energy efficient appliances can save you money too, and there is not much of a price difference. Energy efficient appliances typically have an energy star sticker on them. These appliances vary in savings.

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