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Backflow Dangers-Servicing

howBackflow Dangers-Servicing

What is Backflow?
Backflow is caused by backpressure or back siphonage in the plumbing, which causes the water that is supposed to be flowing from the city’s water supply to your property to reverse. Because anything can be in the water that is backed up, waste, chemicals, toxins, bacteria, backflow contaminates the public water supply, endangering all who are hooked up to that system

How does Backflow happen?
If there is an open faucet and the water pressure surges, water will run back into the pipes, rather than out. That water will mix right in with the water that is already in the pipes, contaminating the entire supply. If this happens while there are chemicals or other contaminants near the faucet, they will affect the water that is retracted. If the water supply is contaminated in this way, the water of everyone on the same system could beaffected. As this is a common occurrence, it is incredibly important to watch out for backflow.

How Can I Prevent Backflow?