Water Meters

waterWater meters can be inaccurate during very high, low flow or pressure surges. Water meters are designed to be accurate within a specific flow range. If the flow exceeds this range it can over-spin causing your readings to be inflated. An example is when your water is off then something is opened, this creates an initial surge then a pressure drop. These surges and drops can also be caused by variability in the municipal water supply.

The H2 Transformer Valves proprietary spring loaded technology acts as a shock absorber eliminating these peaks and valleys and creating a smooth, even flow that keeps your meter readings accurate and protects against damage that can occur from a surge.

Reduced Consumption

Any time you insert anything into a water line it will act as a flow restrictor to some extent. H2 Transformer Valve creates a minimal amount of flow restriction that will save the user additional money in non-volumetric water uses such as showers, sinks, hoses and the like. This can also be used to convert an entire facility to a water conservation low-flow profile without the need to install individual flow regulators or replace older fixtures.

Furthermore, almost all water devices are designed for approximately 65 psi water supply. A higher psi can cause excessive water use and leakage at seals and gaskets that often goes undetected. In these cases a pressure reducer is typically used to maintain a 60-65 psi to the facility. Unfortunately these devices require maintenance and often fail. The H2 Transformer Valve acts as a pressure reducer in high-PSI water systems, eliminating the problems caused by excessive water pressure.